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Edition #3 of So Fi Zine launched on July 6, 2018. Inspired by the live methods work of Les Back and Nirmal Puwar, this edition brings you 26 creative pieces – short stories, poetry, a cartoon, a drabble section edited by Mark Carrigan, sociological horoscopes, and a zine within the zine.

Inside is also an opening guest editorial by Les Back, ‘The Uses of Fiction,’ and a closing guest editorial by Nirmal Puwar, ‘Roaming Sociologists.’

This edition was created using digital collage and is designed for reading online. You can also find a DIY print version below.


Read a digital version of So Fi Zine #3 here.
For best reading experience, download and open in PDF viewer (ie not browser).

Download an alternative digital version of Edition #3 (lower quality PDF download).

Download a DIY print version of Edition #3 here.
Print double sided and flipped along the short edge.