Edition #4 of So Fi Zine is online now! Read it here.

So Fi Zine
is a bi-annual sociological fiction publication which aims to open and creatively extend the promise and craft of sociological imagination. The zine brings together short stories, cartoons, photo essays, poetry, mini zines, sketches, and other creative works. So Fi Zine is a space for creative translational and arts-based research, and art inspired by social science. The zine is an independent online and DIY print publication created and edited by Ashleigh Watson, published by Frances St Press. ISSN 2209-3028 (Online).

Submissions for So Fi Zine are currently closed. Check out the call for submissions page and the FAQ before getting in touch.

Edition #4 of So Fi Zine brings you 24 creative pieces inspired by a gold thread that runs through Raewyn Connell’s extensive body of work – that ‘critique itself is inadequate; we need to show alternatives.’ This edition launched in November 2018.

Edition #3 of So Fi Zine, inspired by the Live Methods work of Les Back and Nirmal Puwar, brings you creative, public and novel modes of imaginative and critical sociological work. Edition #2 of So Fi Zine, inspired by Howard Becker’s work on ‘telling about society,’ launched in November 2017. Edition #1 of So Fi Zine, inspired by the fiction and arts-based research of Patricia Leavy, launched in June 2017.