Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can criminologists (et al) submit?
A: Yes. So Fi Zine publishes creative work that is the outcome of or inspired by social science in general

Q: Can I submit poetry?
A: Yes. All forms of fiction are welcome—prose, poetry, prose-poetry… Feel free to submit visual art and other sociological craftings too

Q: I’ve never done this before / I can’t write fiction
A:  ~ yes you can ~

Q: Do authors retain copyright?
A: Yes, authors retain all copyright and may republish as they like. Please note that the piece was originally published in So Fi Zine and link to wherever possible

Q: Where will this be available?
A: Right here at

Q: When is the next call for submissions?
A: Mid 2020

Q: When will the next edition of So Fi Zine come out?
A: Edition #7, a special issue of the zine, is set to launch in mid 2020

Q: I’m only a student, can I submit?
A: Yes!

Q: Is there a theme?
A: Not a strict one. Pieces can be about anything (sociological), though each edition is inspired by a leading sociologist’s work and I encourage submissions that speak to that theme

Q: How do I submit?
A: Submission info and guidelines are available here

Q: What are some examples of sociological fiction?
A: Check out previous editions of So Fi Zine to see the kind of work published

Q: Why?
A: There are many valuable reasons for sociologists to experiment with fiction and creative practices. I’ve written an article about fiction as a method for public sociology in Cultural Sociology and about the creative turn for a TASA blogTheory, Culture & Society published a special e-issue on fiction and social theory in 2015; The Sociological Review is currently running a blog series on sociology and fiction, and they have recently launched a fiction section publishing sociological short stories (which I edit)