So Fi Zine #12 features 22 new creative works of sociological fiction, poetry and visual art, plus exclusive extracts from Patricia Leavy’s Celestial Bodies collection.

This edition was launched on December 10, 2022 & made by digitising paper collage.

Read the zine online here:

And download a copy to print yourself:

Print double sided, flipped along the short edge.


The Early Climate-Adapted City above the Heretaunga Plains, East Coast New Zealand
Edgar Burns

The woman who cleans her house in the nude (and other secrets from Trelawny Lane)
Gayle Letherby

Annual Review
JE Sumerau

Stop Making Sense
Vivien Solveig

Help! Murder!
Ian C Smith

The After Murder Hours
Kushal Poddar

Lovely Parts

Dark Plottings at the Education Ministry
Hassan Akram

jason harding

Coming Home?
Charlie Davis

Unapologetic fat women
Sarah Castle

Celestial Bodies (excerpts)
Patricia Leavy

I love you Mom!
Nora Fitzsimmons

Continuous Payment Authority
Sudip Sen

A graduate seminar on displacement

Stop the world
Sarah Castle

Defining the moment
Sharon Attipoe-Dorcoo

An Archived Remnant of a Classic Social Research Test Now Used by the Colony at Cassini
John-Paul Smiley

Hiroshima Tree
Kushal Poddar

Can you remind me?
JE Sumerau

João Ramalho-Santos

Kyle Selway
Hassan Akram

Allan McCay